Khu nha mau 5 sao tri gia hang trieu do, rong den 2.000 m2 cua du an The Western Capital chuan bi khai truong vao ngay 23/4 toi day. Nhung hinh anh dau tien ve can ho mau da lam nuc long khong it khach hang boi thiet ke an tuong, cung su dau tu dang cap. Trong dip nay, chu dau tu Hoang Phuc cung cong ty PHPReal mang den hang loat uu dai hap dan cho khach hang?
Nhu tai Opal Skyview, cac khach hang so huu can ho "2 trong 1" nay huong tron cac tien ich co san nhu ho boi, san vuon, khu BBQ, phong gym va yoga, sieu thi mini, bai dau xe...
Loi the cua can Officetel so voi nha pho la khach thue se huong cac tien ich cua khu can ho cao cap ma chu dau tu thiet ke san.
Osimi Tower nam gan song Vam Thuat thoang mat, luon co lan nuoc mat trong lanh chay quanh can ho. Xung quanh la nhung du an cap noi bat, gan khu dan cu tri thuc se mang den cho cu dan tai day mot cuoc song an nhien, de chiu nhat.
Osimi Seaview Vung Tau voi uu diem ma khong co bat cu mot du an Can ho tai Vung Tau nao co duoc, Tien ich can ho Osimi Sea view Vung Tau la su hoa quyen cua cong dong dan cu voi thien nhien nho khu nhac nuoc ngoai troi ket hop voi canh quan ho Phung Hoang rong 10 ha se duoc cai tao len 40 ha tao nen khong gian sinh hoat vo cung doc dao, gan gui than thien voi thien nhien cho nhung phut giay thu gian sau tuan lam viec vat va. dic phoenix
The Avila 2 Ho boi dap trang rat hien dai duoc xay dung ben trong khuon vien noi khu The Avila 2, voi he thong be boi ngoai troi bao gom 2 be boi: be boi danh cho nguoi lon rong 270 m2 (chieu dai 30m x chieu rong 9m), sau 1,2m. Be tre em co chieu rong 250 m2, sau 0,6m
Ngoai ra trong noi khu con la 1 cong vien cay xanh thu nho vo cung thoang mat, sach se duoc thiet ke rieng biet.
Nha giu tre an toan sach se, Phong Gym rong rai va He thong an ninh 24/24
Trung tam thuong mai sam uat tai tang 1 va 2 cua du an
Voi su tam huyet cua chu dau tu, mong muon cu dan o day co the song va cam nhan cuoc song binh yen, khong khi trong lanh, mot y tuong mang den cho cu dan mot cuoc song vien man, day du va hanh phuc, ben trong noi that can ho Calla Garden Binh Chanh duoc thiet ke theo phong cach hien dai, don gian, sap xep hop ly, khong co dien tich thua. Khu can ho nha o xa hoi Calla Garden co nhieu loai dien tich can ho tu 1 - 3 phong ngu, dap ung nhu cau khong gian song cua tung nguoi.

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Welcome to the world of Nucleus CMS. In 2001 a set of PHP scripts were let loose on the open Internet. Those scripts, which took user-generated data and used it to dynamically create html pages, contained the ideas and the algorithms that are the core of today's Nucleus CMS. Though Nucleus CMS 3.5 is far more flexible and powerful than the scripts from which it emerged, it still expresses the values that guided its birth: flexibility, security, and computational elegance.

Thanks to an international community of sophisticated developers and designers, Nucleus CMS remains simple enough for anyone to learn, and expandable enough to allow you to build almost any website you can imagine. Nucleus CMS lets you integrate text, images, and user comments in a seamless package that will make your web presence as serious, professional, personal, or fun as you want it to be. We hope you enjoy its power.

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The install process places a user and a developer documentation on your web server. Pop-up help is available throughout the administration area to assist you in maintaining and customizing your site. When in the Nucleus CMS admin area, click on this symbol help icon for context-sensitive help. You can also read this documentation online under

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If you need more information about managing, extending or troubleshooting your Nucleus CMS the Nucleus FAQ is the first place to search information. Over 170 frequently asked questions are answered from experienced Nucleus users.

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Should you require assistance, please don't hesitate to join the 6,800+ registered users on our forums. With its built-in search capability of the 73,000+ posted articles, your answers are just a few clicks away. Remember: almost any question you think of has already been asked on the forums, and almost anything you want to do with Nucleus has been tried and explained there. Be sure to check them out.

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Want to play around, test changes or tell a friend or relative about Nucleus CMS? Visit our live demo site.

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The combination of multi-weblogs and skins/templates make for a powerful duo in personalizing your site or designing one for a friend, relative or business client. Import new skins to change the look of your website, or create your own skins and share them with the Nucleus community! Help designing or modifying skins is only a few clicks away in the Nucleus forums.

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Looking to add some extra functionality to the base Nucleus CMS package? Our plugin repository gives you plenty of ways to extend and expand what Nucleus CMS can do; your imagination and creativity are the only limit on how Nucleus CMS can work for you.

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If you need more information about the Nucleus development you can find Informations in the developer documents at or in the Support Forum. graciously hosts our Open Source project page which contains our software downloads and CVS repository.

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